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COVID-19 Information

MRC COVID-19 Response

Member and community safety is important to MRC.   Our COVID-19 guidelines are based on Minnesota Department of Health, CDC and USRowing guidelines.

See below or PDF of COVID-19 Guidelines - 04-11-2021   
**** To declare Pods, go to COVID-19 - Declare Pods page to gain access to sign-up sheet.

Covid-19 Guidelines  04-11-2021

MRC COVID-19 Procedures as of March 17, 2021

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Limited Access: Lower Bays Open, 2nd Level - Limited Restroom access only

Privately Owned: 1x, 2-/x in pods

MRC Club Equipment: 1x, 2-/x, 4-/x within household or declared pods

Requirements for Independent Rowing
  1. Membership dues and outstanding charges, such as rack fees, paid
  2. Electronic signature of updated MRC waiver included with MRC COVID-19 Procedures for Independent Rowing or through coached sessions registration process

  3. Private boat owner and or on the Bow List (bow level 0 subject to coach and Lead Coach approval) 

  4. Use iCrew to make a reservation to row for up to 90 minutes during the open boathouse hours. iCrew will automatically limit reservations as needed.

Procedures at Boathouse  

  • Arrive ready to row. Access to 2nd level restricted to restrooms ONLY. Locker rooms closed.

  • Minimize bags or other personal items in the boathouse. A hanging rack in available in the bay by the 8s.

  • Sanitize hands upon arrival to boathouse, after rowing session, and when departing.

  • You must have a reservation to row in iCrew if not rowing in a coached session.

  • All members must wear a mask or other covering over their nose and mouth 
    in and around the boathouse. May be removed only when ready to launch.

  • Members go directly to their boat, minimizing touch points through the boathouse.

  • Clean slings with spray or wipes before and after use.

  • Launch only during your reserved time.

  • Maintain distancing during all preparations to launch. Use all available slings and utilize both docks for launching and landing.

  • Check boats out/in and record km in MRC computer log. Santize and or use wipes before and after computer use. 

  • Provide own boat towel for both private and club boats.

  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes also available as needed.

  • All incidents resulting in injury or involving another boat must be reported using the MRC Incident Report form.

Boathouse Attendant (if available)

  • Boathouse Attendant will provide access and will open bay doors and access to 2nd level for restrooms.
  • Check in with BH Attendant upon arrival.
  • Utilize slings already set out. Attendant will spray slings after every use.
  • Upon return, report km to BH Attendant for entry into MRC computer log. Attendant will make all computer entries to eliminate multiple users and reduce exposure. 
  • All incidents resulting in injury or involving another boat must be reported to BH Attendant.

Rowing Without Boathouse Attendant Present

  • Make reservation in iCrew
  • Bring your boathouse key 
  • Provide own towel
  • Sanitize hands and wipe ALL touch points when you arrive including, but not limited to, door handles, bay doors, light switches, slings, etc.
  • Please sanitize hands before and after using computer log in small boathouse. In addition to making a reservation in iCrew, please continue to log your boat out/in and record distance rowed on the MRC boathouse computer.
  • Make sure boathouse is properly secured and locked, wiping/sanitizing all touch points as you leave.

Club Equipment Procedures


  • Only touch the oars you need, and only take your own, both down to the dock and to put away.
  • Use sanitizing wipes ONLY on oars before and after use. Do not use any bleach products.
  • Be sure to wipe down button, collar, shaft and oar handles and have a wipe in each hand around oar as you put away to prevent re-contamination.
  • If you touch other oars (on purpose or on accident) wipe touch points with provided wipes, located near each door. 


  • If you are partner carrying a single, attempt to carry with the same person both pre and post rowing, carrying the same end each time, observing social distancing. 
  • Place boat guts down (hull side up) and clean exterior with clean towel. Provide your own towel.
  • Flip boat over, wiping thoroughly (remember those slides!). Use wipe to clean rigger, shoes, seat, well between seat (your water bottle was there), as well as both bow and stern deck (NOTE: if you are putting single back in to rack, use wipe to clean where you carried it).


  • Please bring your own towel to clean club boats and take it home with you to wash after rowing. Club towels will be available if you forget, however, there are a limited number as towels will not be reused. Only one member will use it before it is washed.


Physical Address: Mailing Address: Club Administrator:
2968 West River Pkwy PO Box 583102 Jen Sowins
Minneapolis, MN 55406 Minneapolis, MN 55458 612-469-7999
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